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cording to his mother, ‘Harry’ as he is affectionately known, learned to walk at 10 months by making a beeline for the record player. Ever since then he’s been completely hooked on music. In his early childhood he had an overwhelming desire to play the drums, and used whack his Mam’s knitting needles on boxes and cushions, playing along with his records. He decided then, aged 5 that this was undoubtedly what he wanted to do. Soon after leaving school in the summer of 1980, a vacancy came up for a drummer in local band ‘Exit 43’, a band that included some of his mates. Not wishing to miss out on this opportunity, he borrowed £200 for a drum kit and immediately joined the band. Over the next 10 years, ‘Exit 43’ gigged the North West club/pub circuit .

As a result of one of the ‘NCI’ demo sessions Harry was asked to record a TV advert with North-East punk rock band ‘Toy Dolls’, They recorded an adapted version of their hit ‘Nelly the Elephant’ in promotion of kid’s breakfast cereal ‘Readybrek’. This advert appeared on tv regularly in the 1980’s.
Soon after, Harry was involved in a Border TV series called ‘Border Ballads’. In 2002, Harry was lured back onto the drums when he met a Carlisle musician from ‘Locoweed’; a Carlisle band who were looking for a drummer. Since then, Harry has been back on the sticks with vengeance and hasn’t looked back