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Dave Halama's Musical Journey began with literal journeys in his parents' car; a very small child safely buckled up in very small child-seat, hearing Simon & Garfunkel, & the Beach Boys. It was nice.It was polite. It was his parents' music!

Dave had already begun playing brass at school when, at the age of ten, he discovered his own thing in the dusty tape deck of a dusty youth club. It was a cassette; Queen II on one side, Sheer Heart Attack on the other.  The music was boisterous, thrilling, & kind of ridiculous- & Dave loved it.
He began to explore the world of classic rock, including the works of local heroes, Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin.  It took only a couple of years for Dave to realize an important truth: that neither Guns 'n' Roses or Thin Lizzy had a tuba player. He would have to learn the guitar.
Starting with his folk/roots-music-loving Grandmother's well-worn spanish acoustic guitar, Dave began working out how to stretch his hands into the shapes of as many chords as he could find in her dusty old books. Throughout secondary school, he would swap tapes with his fellow music geeks, broadening his tastes to include various shades of rock; including the arch Britpop of Pulp & Blur, '80s indie such as The Smiths & The Cure, along with all manner of Metal & punk.
Later, years spent working in a record shop threw the doors wide open for Dave, & he greedily fed his appetite for new sounds. This experience helped cement his belief that, "if you enjoy it, then it's good music".

He has endeavoured to apply this principle (& also pour his array of musical influences in) to over a decade of playing guitar & bass guitar in local bands.  He has also, shockingly, been allowed (if not encouraged) to perform vocals in most of his bands, too.  Dave loves playing gigs & festivals, & the sense of comraderie & friendly competition that he feels should be inherent in the live music scene. He has played on local radio & performed at charity events on several occasions, & sound engineered & provided artwork for local bands.  He is, like most guitarists, a frustrated drummer.
He is also nice & polite.

Emily‚Äôs interest in music began at a young age.  As a young child, she often expressed the wish to play a musical instrument, and was introduced to classical violin at the age of six.  This soon developed into a wider interest in music of many types, and the desire to play other instruments.  She taught herself the rudimentary principles of piano when she was eight, and began formal lessons when she was eleven.  About this time, Emily also started writing her own compositions, which she eagerly performed to members of her family.  When she was fourteen, Emily gained a place in the Midland Youth Orchestra.

At the age of fifteen she joined her first band, Imperial Frost, a black metal outfit in Stourbridge, in which she played keyboard.  Around this time she also began attending more and more live music gigs in Birmingham, and as well as composing classical music, also began writing rock and metal songs.  Throughout college, Emily was a member of various orchestras, string groups, choirs and bands.  She was regularly involved in playing concerts, both in groups and as a soloist, and often played her own compositions under the pseudonym Tabatha Mansfield.  It has been important to Emily to work her way through every grade on the ABRSM syllabus on both violin and piano.  All graded examinations have been studied for and during her last term at college, Emily achieved Grade 8 in both instruments, which completed her collection of ABRSM certificates.  Each graded examination was thoroughly studied and practised for, resulting in every grade being passed at either a merit or distinction level.

Whilst at university, Emily continued to play in orchestras and strings groups and was an active member of the Bangor University Music Society.  She continued to work on her own compositions and songs, and had one of her compositions for string ensemble performed at the summer gala concert in her third year.  Also in her third year, Emily taught violin lessons in local schools near Bangor University.  Emily graduated from Bangor University in 2009 with honours.  Since then, she has joined a band in Stourbridge with fellow franchisee Dave Halama playing the violin, has accepted a place in the Central England Ensemble.